Friday, January 24, 2014

Finding a Niche...

First blog post of 2014...and it's on what I think is a very complex subject.

I watch a lot of videos here on the Internet and read different blogs and stuff, and it seems that the people have found their niche in what their blogs/web shows, etc. are supposed to be about.  Some examples:  

Atop The Fourth Wall -- hosted by Lewis Lovhaug, a guy in Minnesota who takes really bad comic books and points out the flaws in the editing and the drawings and is quite entertaining.

The Nostalgia Critic -- a character who takes different pop culture favorites and adds insight and interesting little tidbits that either want to make you go up and thank him for bringing that up or to punch him in the mouth for ruining it for you forever.

What the (Bleep) is Wrong with You -- a weekly schadenfreude during a Monday night webcast called "Radio Dead Air" where the hosts comment on news stories from around the world sent in by viewers of the show.

(all of those by the way can be found on That Guy with the Glasses.  Radio Dead Air can be seen on Monday nights here)

Anyway...all of those have found their niches.  Me, on the other hand...finding mine is, to borrow a line from Garth Brooks, like trying to rope the wind.  As you have seen on this blog and everywhere else, I go anywhere and everywhere with this.  I blog about sports, about life, comment on what I see on the local news (I doubt someone in Podunk, PA would want to know what goes on in the Oklahoma City market but I comment about it anyway), I'll throw in some Scripture sometimes to keep you (and me) on our toes.  I'll blog when I'm sad, blog when I'm happy and sometimes blog about something when I want to go introduce someone to the five-fold ministry...and I don't mean the one outlined in Ephesians either.

It's been suggested that maybe I should do this on a daily basis.  Being that when I do do this, it's when something is weighing heavily on my mind/heart.  Not saying I won't do it, but it is a strong possibility.

That's all I've got for now.  Until next time...