Friday, January 31, 2014

Today's Post -- That Pretty Big Game...

Not the official logo...
You probably have heard all the talking heads on ESPN, NFL Network and all talk about all the lead stories of that pretty big game over in New Jersey coming up on Sunday...everything from how huge this game is for Peyton Manning, whether he can cement his legacy with a win, if Richard Sherman can maintain his "Mouth of the Pacific Northwest" status, if Marshawn Lynch can continue to be a beast mode, why Marshawn isn't talking to the media, so on and so forth...

I think, as long as Peyton does what he normally does, doesn't get rattled, can find Wes Welker (the pride of Heritage Hall HS) in the open, the ground game is established and everything, I believe Denver has a good shot of winning.

A lot of people outside of the state of Washington aren't giving Seattle a snowball's chance in Hell, whether it's because they don't like that big coffee chain up there, or that they still carry the grudge against Oklahoma City for stealing their NBA team or the aforementioned Jimmy Hart/Bobby "The Brain" Heenan wannabe.

So...who do I want to win the game.  I'm going to pick those Broncos. My score --

Denver 31  Seattle 17.

(As an aside, everyone in the Clinton area is invited to a Soup dinner/dessert auction at First Christian Church after our morning worship service. The auction benefits our church youth and their summer trip)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Today's episode -- Catching Up...

My apologies for missing yesterday's post.  As I mentioned on my Facebook status, I had a little bit of a headache but it felt like I was getting the classic Mark VII Limited logo (pictured) impressed on my head.  For the younguns out there, Mark VII Limited was the production company of Jack Webb, star of the classic TV show "Dragnet" and producers of "Emergency" and "Adam 12".  The above clip is what they would use to let you know who produced the show, followed usually by the logo of Universal Studios.

It's a little better today...of course I did take an generic Aleve this morning.

That's all I got for now. Until next time...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Today's Episode -- Why Should Our Neighbors Have All the Good Eatin'...

Before I go on with the topic Du jour, yes I did take my title of this post from a Classic Christian song called "Why Should The Devil Have All the Good Music" -- which is another topic for another day...especially if one wants to comment on the Grammy's the other night. But I digress...

A few years ago, I was involved with a group that was looking at ways to ensure Clinton's progression for the foreseeable future.  The new fire station was one of those projects...and if'n we can ever get that thing open, it'll be a step in the right direction.  One of the other areas that we addressed was in the area of business development.  We're seeing some fruits of that labor with the new Hutch's complex, the new and expanded "Domino Dave's", the Water Zoo and the new La Quinta that's being built.

Not meaning to sound like a child who isn't satisfied with his toys and wants his friend's toys also, but while it's good that we're getting the Hutch's and have the Water Zoo and such, we still could use a few more businesses...especially in the restaurant aspect.  We see the Rib Crib's and the Billy Sims' and the Boomtown Grille's in Weatherford and Elk City and we're like "we wouldn't mind having that too"...even though we have good restaurants like Branding Iron and TC's and Montana Mike's and Gayla's as well as the McDonald's and Braum's and such.

Whatever our City Council and our Chamber need to do to lure businesses into town, whether it be a fresh start up or encouraging someone to expand their business to Clinton...lets do it!!!  Work out all the logistics -- land or buildings, tax breaks...cross the T's, dot the I's, all of the things!!!!  Not only make it more enjoyable for those of us who have lived here for a while, but for those who want to make Clinton their home.

That's what I got for today...back with another edition tomorrow.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Today's Episode -- BS Intolerant...

I manage to be pretty tolerant on a few things...slow check out lines, traffic lights that have minds of their own and what not...but there is one big thing that I am pretty intolerant about.

You hear of high fire danger in the news all the time, well today was one of those "High Fire Danger" days as far as figurative "bovine droppings" go. (I try to keep it PG rated but you get the idea)

First was the friend request for a "Jack Mehof" which got promptly deleted and blocked. (Go back and read through my timeline today)

Secondly...tonight the Oklahoma City Thunder is honoring our Military Servicemen and women during their basketball game.  And...the "Derp-lahomans" (to borrow a phrase from another blog) were out in full force. "I served in the military, why didn't I get a ticket?" Cue facepalm... The ones who probably are going to the game tonight are stationed at Tinker or bussed in from Ft. Sill or Altus or whatever and, based on the attitude of those "Derp-lahomans" are a hell of a lot more deserving to go than them.  Plus, if history holds form...some new recruits will be taking their oath of service right there on the court (which I would say ranks up there with responding to an altar call to give your life to Jesus)

Third thing...whenever you lose someone you were pretty close to, you expect it to take a while to go through a grieving process.  Apparently, some people would rather you "suck it up" or "get over it" than to let the stages of grief take its course -- whether you've lost a family member or as in the case of this weekend, a friend or someone you might know through this little thing called the World Wide Interwebs.  Jeremy and I went through this when Libby (Jeremy's girlfriend) passed away a few years ago.  I was expected to try to find somewhere to go when we were moving from our old place on South 5th to our current location. (It's well documented on this blog...look under the 2011 tab)  Anyway, we were in the midst of that when Libby died and Jeremy and I had to take a week away from that to take care of everything, which included the road trip to Kentucky.  Bottom does not immediately "suck it up" or "get over it".  It takes a process...and to those people who say "get over it", pray to God or whatever deity you believe in that my left foot of fellowship never meet your seat of learning and I go all Adam Vinatieri on you!!!

Ok...Soapbox is put away....for now.  Until next time...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Today's Episode: On Christ the Solid Rock I stand...

For those who may know me through Tumblr or the Radio Dead Air chat, please bear with me for a few minutes as I share some things that are on my heart.  

Most all of us have had a little over 24 hours to digest and to think about and talk about what all went on as far as processing the sudden passing of Justin aka JewWario.  Lindsey touched on something that struck a chord with me.  She talked about different coping strategies.  I'm going to share mine for a few minutes.  I do want to preface by saying that I realize that some people may not espouse the same beliefs as I do and that's fine.  I am not one to bop you over the head with a Thompson Chain Reference Bible and say "Thus Saith the Lord" and sound like a backwoods Kentucky preacher.  I do though want to share how I have coped with this so far.

This morning, as I have done every Sunday morning for as long as I can remember since I was a child, I got up and went to the church just down the street from my house.  It's a church that I've called my church home for a little over a year now and I must say that I am comfortable being in that church and fellowshiping with other brothers and sisters.  

In good times, in bad times, as the old hymn states, "whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say 'it is well, it is well with my soul'".  Is it hard, on days like this weekend, to say "God I'm leaning on You to help me through this situation"?  You know it.  Do I?  Most of the time.  Am I saying I'm the perfect Christian?  No.  There has only been one perfect person walking the Earth that I know of, they nailed Him to a cross.  But He didn't stay there.  Right now He's seated at the right hand of the Father praying for us.

Again, I am sharing with you how I have dealt with this in my own life.  You may be dealing with it in other ways.  It's not my place to say whether you're doing right or wrong.  If anyone does want to talk with me, I'm open.  My Skype ID is rjkeil38.  If you're not friends with me on Facebook, look me up.  I am @ rjkeil on Twitter.  Feel free to cuss, discuss and cuss some more.  I promise...I won't use a Bible as Mjolnir!!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Today's Episode: Speechless in Western Oklahoma...

I wasn't hardly planning on doing a post today...but at the time of this writing, I am speechless and shocked right now.  And it's not the good kind of speechless and shock.

I just received word that an internet reviewer (not one of the ones I spotlighted yesterday, but he has done work with the group I mentioned) Justin Carmichael aka JewWario had committed suicide this past Thursday.

Words can not express how shocked and saddened I am about this.

All I'm going to say from this point is...pray for Justin's family, his friends and colleagues.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Finding a Niche...

First blog post of 2014...and it's on what I think is a very complex subject.

I watch a lot of videos here on the Internet and read different blogs and stuff, and it seems that the people have found their niche in what their blogs/web shows, etc. are supposed to be about.  Some examples:  

Atop The Fourth Wall -- hosted by Lewis Lovhaug, a guy in Minnesota who takes really bad comic books and points out the flaws in the editing and the drawings and is quite entertaining.

The Nostalgia Critic -- a character who takes different pop culture favorites and adds insight and interesting little tidbits that either want to make you go up and thank him for bringing that up or to punch him in the mouth for ruining it for you forever.

What the (Bleep) is Wrong with You -- a weekly schadenfreude during a Monday night webcast called "Radio Dead Air" where the hosts comment on news stories from around the world sent in by viewers of the show.

(all of those by the way can be found on That Guy with the Glasses.  Radio Dead Air can be seen on Monday nights here)

Anyway...all of those have found their niches.  Me, on the other hand...finding mine is, to borrow a line from Garth Brooks, like trying to rope the wind.  As you have seen on this blog and everywhere else, I go anywhere and everywhere with this.  I blog about sports, about life, comment on what I see on the local news (I doubt someone in Podunk, PA would want to know what goes on in the Oklahoma City market but I comment about it anyway), I'll throw in some Scripture sometimes to keep you (and me) on our toes.  I'll blog when I'm sad, blog when I'm happy and sometimes blog about something when I want to go introduce someone to the five-fold ministry...and I don't mean the one outlined in Ephesians either.

It's been suggested that maybe I should do this on a daily basis.  Being that when I do do this, it's when something is weighing heavily on my mind/heart.  Not saying I won't do it, but it is a strong possibility.

That's all I've got for now.  Until next time...