Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Today's Episode -- Why Should Our Neighbors Have All the Good Eatin'...

Before I go on with the topic Du jour, yes I did take my title of this post from a Classic Christian song called "Why Should The Devil Have All the Good Music" -- which is another topic for another day...especially if one wants to comment on the Grammy's the other night. But I digress...

A few years ago, I was involved with a group that was looking at ways to ensure Clinton's progression for the foreseeable future.  The new fire station was one of those projects...and if'n we can ever get that thing open, it'll be a step in the right direction.  One of the other areas that we addressed was in the area of business development.  We're seeing some fruits of that labor with the new Hutch's complex, the new and expanded "Domino Dave's", the Water Zoo and the new La Quinta that's being built.

Not meaning to sound like a child who isn't satisfied with his toys and wants his friend's toys also, but while it's good that we're getting the Hutch's and have the Water Zoo and such, we still could use a few more businesses...especially in the restaurant aspect.  We see the Rib Crib's and the Billy Sims' and the Boomtown Grille's in Weatherford and Elk City and we're like "we wouldn't mind having that too"...even though we have good restaurants like Branding Iron and TC's and Montana Mike's and Gayla's as well as the McDonald's and Braum's and such.

Whatever our City Council and our Chamber need to do to lure businesses into town, whether it be a fresh start up or encouraging someone to expand their business to Clinton...lets do it!!!  Work out all the logistics -- land or buildings, tax breaks...cross the T's, dot the I's, all of the things!!!!  Not only make it more enjoyable for those of us who have lived here for a while, but for those who want to make Clinton their home.

That's what I got for today...back with another edition tomorrow.