Monday, January 27, 2014

Today's Episode -- BS Intolerant...

I manage to be pretty tolerant on a few things...slow check out lines, traffic lights that have minds of their own and what not...but there is one big thing that I am pretty intolerant about.

You hear of high fire danger in the news all the time, well today was one of those "High Fire Danger" days as far as figurative "bovine droppings" go. (I try to keep it PG rated but you get the idea)

First was the friend request for a "Jack Mehof" which got promptly deleted and blocked. (Go back and read through my timeline today)

Secondly...tonight the Oklahoma City Thunder is honoring our Military Servicemen and women during their basketball game.  And...the "Derp-lahomans" (to borrow a phrase from another blog) were out in full force. "I served in the military, why didn't I get a ticket?" Cue facepalm... The ones who probably are going to the game tonight are stationed at Tinker or bussed in from Ft. Sill or Altus or whatever and, based on the attitude of those "Derp-lahomans" are a hell of a lot more deserving to go than them.  Plus, if history holds form...some new recruits will be taking their oath of service right there on the court (which I would say ranks up there with responding to an altar call to give your life to Jesus)

Third thing...whenever you lose someone you were pretty close to, you expect it to take a while to go through a grieving process.  Apparently, some people would rather you "suck it up" or "get over it" than to let the stages of grief take its course -- whether you've lost a family member or as in the case of this weekend, a friend or someone you might know through this little thing called the World Wide Interwebs.  Jeremy and I went through this when Libby (Jeremy's girlfriend) passed away a few years ago.  I was expected to try to find somewhere to go when we were moving from our old place on South 5th to our current location. (It's well documented on this blog...look under the 2011 tab)  Anyway, we were in the midst of that when Libby died and Jeremy and I had to take a week away from that to take care of everything, which included the road trip to Kentucky.  Bottom does not immediately "suck it up" or "get over it".  It takes a process...and to those people who say "get over it", pray to God or whatever deity you believe in that my left foot of fellowship never meet your seat of learning and I go all Adam Vinatieri on you!!!

Ok...Soapbox is put away....for now.  Until next time...