Friday, May 8, 2015

What Part of (blank) Do You Not Understand?

Hello everyone from the Keil's Comments Studios!!! Nice to actually type out a blog post on a computer instead of my phone.  (It was kind of necessary there for a while but hope I won't need to unless I do need to -- make sense?)

Anyway, now that's out of the way...

I was hearing Mom say that she was reading some comments stemming from last night's season finale of "The Big Bang Theory" and how some people are confusing "Season Finale" with "Series Finale".  It makes you want to grab some people by their shoulders and ask them WHAT PART OF SEASON FINALE DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?

Just so you know...

Season Finale = the show has finished airing new episodes for now but will be back in September with a whole new batch of episodes.

Series Finale = either by their own doing or the networks', that show will not be back on the schedule for next season (unless someone at Hulu or Netflix decides to pick them up or has been done before.  See "Community")

I know some people live vicariously through their favorite characters.  I'm a big fan of the NCIS franchise -- Regular, Los Angeles and New Orleans or as I call it "Cajun Style".  Trust me, there are people still bent on having Cote de Pablo back on the show and get rid of Emily Wickersham (Cue "Let It Go")

That's the way TV works folks. If your show is good in the ratings book and with the critics, it sticks around for a while. If it's not, it gets cancelled.  And when a show that has been on as long as NCIS or Law and Order or CSI has, the writers/EP's try to find ways to keep the show relevant otherwise you might get replaced by a reboot of "Coach" or something. (Yes there is one in the works for next season on NBC)

We've been encouraged by some reviewers that have shows online to not read the comments because people tend to be "keyboard bullies" and channel their rage that way.  Then you have those who you probably think that they should never be within 500 feet of a computer because of some of their comments being way off base ("It's a conspiracy. C-O-N-Spiracy!!!")

That's all I have for now.  Until next time...