Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It Ain't Braggin' If It's the Truth...

Welcome to Keil's Comments:  The Written Blog!!!  Don't worry...I am still doing the podcast, just going to do it every other week for right now at least until school starts back.  Which leads me to what I want to do this post on...

As you may know if you've followed my timeline over the past few months, I am dating a wonderful, precious woman named
Sharon and her mom Wanda
Sharon Ricks and have been since April.  Words can hardly express how much she means to me...which is something since I'm a trained broadcaster.  How do I love her?  Let me count the ways...

First and foremost, she loves me for what I am as a man who trusts God in anything and everything.  She loves that I have a tender heart and a heart for worship.

Secondly, she is appreciative of me with what I try to do with the podcast.  She's been trying to help me create a new logo for the podcast so I can get a better reach on iTunes....we're still working on that part.

Third, unlike past relationships she doesn't speak negatively to or about me.  She's even stated that she wants to find whoever had been speaking negative words over me over the years and tell them a thing or two about a thing or two among other things.  I'm sure I can point her in the direction of a couple of people if they're in the area I'm thinking of.  Anyway, I'm working on better communicating with her and not be afraid of having that used against me.

Fourth, she loves that I am very understanding as far as her line of work is concerned.  She is a teacher (she'll be teaching 2nd grade this year in Moore) and if you have friends or family members or are the spouse of someone that teaches in a public school system in the State of Oklahoma, you know how much hell and funds they go through just to give their students the tools they need in getting a good education -- no thanks to Madam Governor and the Legislature.  I am learning that first hand...and I'm sure those of you who fit into one of the above categories (the spouse/family member/friend part) can give me some advice on being a longsuffering significant other to an Oklahoma public school educator.

Lastly, she is understanding what I am going through health wise...when she's not "shaping the minds of America's youth" to quote a sports talk host here in OKC, she is having to help take care of her mother (pictured above). When I told her what all was going on as far as lymphedema and everything, she understood what I was up against -- she even stayed with me at the hospital when I was there a few months ago (after she got out of class of course).  Also, unlike a past relationship she is not nagging at me about losing so many pounds or going into Santa's description from "The Night Before Christmas" or singing "Jolly Ol' St. Nicholas" or anything like that.  Yes, I'm not exactly Mr. Olympia or do Crossfit or have the look of somebody like The Rock but that's okay. She loves me for me and that's all I ask.

Along the same reasoning...besides loving her for being what she is as far as being a teacher and what all that entails, I love her for the fact that she is striving to be the Proverbs 31 Woman that I've always wanted. I love her for being her and that's all she asks of me.  I am understanding of what all she is going through in her health, love that she has firm roots in the Gospel thanks to her father (he was a Baptist pastor for years) and that we can both overlook our flaws and love each other regardless.   

There's a lot more about her that I love and appreciate...what I've listed above is just the main ones.

That's about it for now.  Until next time...