Wednesday, August 27, 2014

In the Case of Apple v. Orange...

Everyday we want to compare two scenarios that are quite the polar opposite of each other.  That is known as the "Apple vs. Orange" argument and it's been going on since practically the beginning of time.  I'm pretty sure Adam and Eve probably had that argument too at some point, but I digress.

Reason I bring this are two different scenarios that are being weighed as I type this on sports shows around the country.

Apple:  Josh Gordon, Cleveland Browns wide receiver.  Been in trouble numerous times with the law and the National Football League for possessing and partaking of marijuana. He was suspended for one year for his numerous infractions of the NFL Substance Abuse Policy.

Orange:  Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens running back.  Suspended for just two games for (supposedly) knocking his now-wife around in a casino. I mean, who is to trust that surveillance video anyway.  And you know my feelings on Tango Mike Zulu -- and the fact that at least in the Oklahoma City market they are being shown at a very late hour (12 Midnight) goes to prove that they don't deserve a primetime slot anywhere

While in my opinion both are equally as bad as the other...the people who will and who are going to compare the two suspensions will cry so loud a party foul it's not even funny. Meantime, you have a DB who has been fined/suspended six times for targeting a defenseless receiver and the fact remains 1) he has no intention to change his game plan and 2) the days of Jack Tatum or Jack Youngblood dang near decapitating receivers are much as we like to react to a good "slobberknocker" or two.

With that said, to bring back an old saying....ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?