Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tornado Relief thoughts...

We are His Hands...We are His Feet
We are His People...Children of the Lord
We share the hope...We share the dream
Believers in Jesus...Children of the King

-- "We are His Hands" -- WhiteHeart

I guess you would say this weekend I went on a missions trip, but didn't have to wait a long time to get a passport, didn't have to have a laundry list of shots and bother with government red tape BS.

As you know, for the past couple of days I went with a group from my church to help in the relief effort in Moore.  And yes, even though the national cameras have left and gone to cover other stories, you still see some reports of people coming to help on the local news here in OKC.

Just going and seeing the devastation live and in person gives you chills. One house may not have a lot of damage while across the street, there's nothing left. 

First day I went, we gathered at this one church to get instructions.   There were some building sheds there at the church, while some went to do debris removal and another lady and myself went to Antioch Christian Church to help there (that is where these pics of the plushies came from)

One thing I didn't hear much of from the group that went both days -- Complaining!!! Yes, it was hot and yes we consumed a lot of water and Gatorade...but nobody complained.  We were working for the Lord, so that made it a lot of fun.

Saying "Thank you" is never quite enough, but anyway, thanks to all who helped this past weekend -- Jeff and Tammy McDowell, our pastor and his wife; Chris and Heather Roulet, Kathy Brinkley, Nancy Jackson, Donna Burton, Donna Poeling, Eva Hise, Susana Hobbs, Dwain and Rhonda Weil, Rory Camblin and her children, a lot of the youth came and was an honor to work with you guys (I know I left some people out, but thank you too.)

There is LOTS more that needs to be done in Moore (and Little Axe, Shawnee, El Reno and so on). Go here and this will show you what you need to know, where you need to go and everything.

Again, thanks for letting me be a part of this!  This is something I will not soon forget.