Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mainly for my Twitter followers...

This edition of Rob's Rants and Raves is geared toward those who follow me on my Twitter account

Rob's Twitter page

I have a lot of people who follow me that are Christian leaders, pastors, musicians, etc.  and I try to keep my posts and whatever I re-tweet G or PG rated.  Yes, I have my shortcomings and sometimes raw emotions take over and a few "rackin' frackin's" come out.  It goes to show I'm human, that I'm not always so spiritual that I'm no earthly good.  It also goes to show I need to remember what ESPN NFL analyst Herm Edwards says all the time, "Think before you hit Send", although I'm not in the same caliber where my tweets might wind up on SportsCenter or something like that -- I say that, then my comment about Dog and Beth scaring the bail bondsman's daughter's prom date made air on the Fan Edition this past week.

So for those who do follow me that are pastors, including my own pastor Jeff and everybody -- just know that I'm not purposely trying to live one way in church and one way in the community.  I really am doing my best to be Christ's example in all I do and yes I slip up.  

Thank you for your understanding and God bless.