Thursday, July 18, 2013

Five and a Half Stations...

Hey there everybody.  Welcome to this edition of Rob's Rants and Raves...

What am I rantin' on this time?  Well...

The big news this past week was that Oklahoma City was getting a new Sports/Talk station to hopefully take a swipe at the Sports Animal audience, much like what Fox Sports 1 wants to do to ESPN when they debut on Aug. 17th.  The sports/talk station will be where KRXO is currently at 107.7 FM, where the classic rock that's been KRXO's staple for as long as I remember will move to a much smaller (250w) signal on 104.5 (small as in not to interfere with the big signal of Z104.5 The Edge in Tulsa).

In an article by Mel Bracht of The Oklahoman, which also used a news release from KRXO owner Tyler Media, the new station on 107.7 would bring the total number of stations in the OKC market to six.  Who are the other four, outside of WWLS The Sports Animal (which simulcasts on KADS -- Elk City, btw)?

The market's other sports stations are:
WWLS-FM 98.1, “The Sports Animal.” 
KWPN AM 640, ESPN Radio.
KREF-AM 1400, “Sports Talk 1400,” of Norman. 
KGHM-AM 1340, “The Game,” 
KINB-FM "105.3, The Pro," CBS Sports Radio,

Now why do I say that these are 5 and a half stations?  From, here are the wattage of the stations:

KWPN (ESPN 640):  5000 watts Daytime/1000 watts Nighttime Directional (basically to avoid interference from another station on the same frequency) 

WWLS The Sports Animal: 28,870 watts Effective Radiated Power

KRXO 107.7:  92,000 watts ERP

KREF 1400 AM:  1000 watts Non-Directional

KGHM 1340 AM (The Game):  1000 watts Non-Directional

ok...who's the half station in my opinion?

KINB 105.3 The Pro:  930 watts ERP (granted the CoL is Kingfisher, but the signal is basically a duck fart into OKC)

Again, has all the info as far as coverage maps and everything...but hopefully you see where I am getting at.  All the other stations have a pretty good coverage area...I can get 3 of the 4 stations here in Western Oklahoma (that's without the KADS simulcast and finding the on-line stream on iHeart Radio or whatever).  But as far as getting KREF and KGHM goes, not really.

KGHM on 1340 is covered up by NewsTalk KCLI here in Clinton on 1320.  KREF on 1400 is covered by KTJS in Hobart on 1420.

If "The Pro" wants to make any kind of impact in being a player in OKC sports radio listenership, they should swap the 105.3 frequency with 105.7 (one-half of OU's NPR station with 1600 watts ERP).  Yes I realize they are a full CBS Sports Radio affiliate station, but still...if you live in Shawnee and want to "have a take, don't suck" on Jim Rome's show you should be able to without having to strain a hamstring just to get a damn signal.

I've always stated that Western Oklahoma should have another FM sports/talk out here, but I don't think the "distinguished" State Rep. Harold Wright or any of the underlings on Coyote Hill would be open to that.

Anyway, I've ranted on my soapbox long enough.  Yes, I did make sure Mel Bracht, The Oklahoman (, got referenced and h/t'd for this piece.

Until next time, so long and God bless.