Saturday, March 2, 2013

Some Random TV thoughts...

If you watch local TV news for any amount of time, you tend to think that you are welcoming the anchors and reporters as friends and now with Facebook and Twitter and any other social media, you can interact with them...let them know what works and what doesn't.

With that said, watching the newscasts on our Oklahoma City TV are some observations I have and maybe some suggestions for each station:

1. KFOR (NewsChannel 4)-- I know they went through a graphics overhaul a few years ago, but I think it's time for a refresh.  Drop the "NewsChannel" name.  Use something like "Oklahoma's News Leader" or whatever. Also... change the music.  You've basically used the same theme package for 20 yrs.  You need to upgrade it. I've got an idea for one..
Global TV (Canada) News Theme

Yes I's for a Canadian network, but I'm sure it can be Americanized with the NBC tones or something.

Also...maybe you should pair Joleen Chaney with Ed Doney for the weekend evening newscasts instead of having one do one day and one do the other.  The same with the morning weekend shows. (3/17 Update:  Joleen is now doing the 4am hour on KFOR and the 7-9am show on KAUT-43, replacing Lance West who went back to evenings).

2. KOCO -- no real big observations, except maybe for the fact they got rid of a noon newscast several years ago.

3. KWTV News 9 -- since your parent company owns the Radio Oklahoma Network, have more synergy with the member stations.  If they have some big stories working (like with parts of Clinton having to boil water this week due to the power being out at the water treatment plant due to the blizzard), help them out.  I love that you and your Tulsa sister KOTV share content, but you also need to share (more) content with your RON stations, like The Coyote or NewsTalk KCLI.

4.  KOKH Fox 25 -- where do I start here?  Well, nice to see that you're getting ready for your own "HD Done Right" campaign like your Chattanooga sister.  

On that note, maybe you can expand your newscasts...include a 5p news hour with Mike and Jaime.  Also expand your morning newscasts to include weekends.

Another observation I have...since the Oklahoma City market encompasses such a large area, establish a Western Oklahoma news bureau.  I guess that would go along with my wish for News 9 to work more with their Radio Oklahoma Network affiliates, but still...

That's all that I can think of for now for TV anyway.  Just wait until what I have for the radio folk...