Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Expanded Coverage...

Welcome to a snow-packed edition of Rob's Rants and Raves.

We got somewhere around 8"-10" of powder here in Clinton...2.1" liquid-wise (according to News 9).  As far as putting a dent into the drought...we're getting there.  

Reason the title of this is "Expanded Coverage"...I've decided to try my hand at Tumblr.  It is a kind of extension of this blog, with maybe a smidge more smart-aleck-ness (or is it smart-alex-ness -- like the town near Chickasha).  Oh well...

Here's the address to my Tumblr page:

I currently have three people who follow it:  My brother, a friend of his and the University of Oklahoma.  Would love to have many more!

Oh, I am on Twitter too...@rjkeil.

That's about it for now.  May you have an excellent day...stay safe and beware of the snowmen!!!