Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Valley of's a deep one!!!

My topic du jour in case you might not have heard by now...after nearly 30 years at 221 South 5th, we are going to have to move because our house has been bought (we still don't have a clue who bought it unless it comes out in the Clinton Daily News in the next few days).  And it wasn't just our house either...two neighboring lots next door were also purchased.

Our preliminary indication is that the buyer purchased not only our house and the houses next door, but lots facing 4th Street/US 183 for the new home for the Clinton Fire Dept.

Whatever it was purchased for, there are lots of memories of this house that we're going to take with us.  All three of us grew up here.  There have been a lot of good times and yes, there have been a few bad ones (basically being the first to hear about Grandpa Tucker being one of them).

I've got some decisions I'm praying and pondering over...Mom and Dad do also as well as Stephenie.  One thing I do pray for all of us is that we make the right decision that's best for all of us.

That's it for this topic for now.  I will update this post when new details are available.

Update -- Sept. 8, 2011:  As expected, our house and property have been purchased by the City of Clinton for the purpose of building a new fire station.  Two other houses next door to us were also purchased as well as the lots on 4th Street between Avant and Hayes.  There is one other house that the City is wanting to purchase -- but the owners haven't decided to sell yet.  Won't be surprised if "Eminent Domain" winds up being exercised.  Stay Tuned...