Friday, August 18, 2017


Today's post kinda invokes a Kelly Ogle "My Two Cents" feel so bear with me... the news this week was a report that the Oklahoma City Public School district is threatening to sue the Oklahoma Legislature to get them to figure out how to fund not just them but other school districts in the state. Story from News 9

The response to this is typical from the non-education types.

"Not only would a lawsuit waste the school district's money, it would waste additional taxpayer dollars to defend it. The Oklahoma City Public School District needs to stop playing political games and get back to educating students,” says House Speaker Charles McCall.
“This is merely a media stunt by the Oklahoma City Public School district,” says Senate Pro Tem Mike Schulz.
With all due respect...IF YOU HAD DONE YOUR JOBS IN THE FIRST PLACE, WE WOULDN'T BE IN THE SITUATION WHERE IT WOULD HAVE TO TAKE LEGAL ACTION TO LIGHT A FIRE UNDER YOUR COLLECTIVE BUTTS!!!!! Now thankfully the people I have gotten to know over the last year or so (Rep. JP Jordan, Sen. Stephanie Bice and Rep. Rhonda Baker, who by the way is a former teacher) were trying to get something going to help out our teachers.  But it's people like Mr. McCall and Sen. Schulz who are aggravating those who actually are making an effort.  Seriously, I would like to see what their point of view is, but I can't stick my head that far up my rear assembly.
I know this is not a post conducive of someone who is training to be a minister of the Gospel, but I am human and I have a vested interest in the educational system in this state both as a product of public schools and as the spouse of an educator. I haven't gotten to meet with the people who represent my area here in Shawnee up at NE 23rd and Lincoln yet, but if I did I would definitely let them know (in a nicer tone than what I'm displaying here).
That is all for now...