Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Another Round of Random Thoughts...

Here it is...another rousing edition of Keil's Comments.  Notice I didn't qualify it with "the Written Blog" this time around...I think I'm going to take a break from the podcast for right now.  It seems that every time I want to get an episode ready to record, I have to help with something or there's something else going on.  I will pick it up again though because I think Sharon wants to incorporate a podcast with her curriculum this year so I'm going to try to pick it back up for the fall...also looking at another audio host site for the podcast.

I was going to do a video on this but writing it out is better because I can always either proofread or censor myself as I go whereas if I'm doing a video or recording on Audacity, I'd have to go back and edit it out.  Anyway, on to the topics at hand...

1.  I'm amazed at what some people say in regards to our teachers and their income and such.  There is a site called Oklahomans for Teachers which shows what discounts teachers can get at businesses around the state.  It started in Tulsa and is working its way down here to the Oklahoma City area. (There's a story on it on News 9's site if you want to see it.) But some of the comments seem to suggest that the teachers don't need such a break that they should just "get a second job" or things of that nature.  I'm sure other teacher spouses can relate to what I'm about to say...my wife spends a considerable amount of money each year OUT OF HER OWN POCKET MIND YOU to not only have some supplies ready at the start of the year but along the line as well for some projects that might come up.  In the past few weeks, it seems that there is a box from Amazon or some other site that shows up daily here at the house because she's ordering material to either read up on or have it on the ready when August rolls around.  And that's not including what the kids are supposed to get on their supply list.

Trust me, I'm doing my best to do my fair share to ease some of the financial burden.  I applied to be an audio tech for a husband and wife traveling music ministry -- I didn't get the job outright but I am in the bullpen should someone not be able to make it.  I'm still looking at some places for work, also looking at some organizations to volunteer with here in Shawnee.

So for those who seem to think educators shouldn't get so much off their meal at Arby's or what have you, maybe you should get off your "blessed assurance" and make sure our legislators get off theirs and figure out some way to get them a pay raise...even if it means getting rid of the turnpikes!!! YES I SAID IT...use the money that would be collected from turnpike tolls to make sure my wife and others of her ilk are worthy of their hire!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next topic...I'm sure some of you know if you either follow on FB or Twitter or watch that Lacey Swope, one of the meteorologists for News 9 is leaving, but she's staying within the company as she is going to KWTV's sister station in Tulsa.  Her spot on the morning show is being filled by Robyn King, a meteoro brought in from Terre Haute, IN.  Among the well wishes that Lacey has received from me and other people are comments of "well I'll just have to watch 4 or 5 now" not even giving a hint of a chance to Robyn.

Folks, it happens in any TV market...OKC, Chattanooga, Little Rock. Heck, even the Top 5 markets like DFW are not exempt from meteoros moving from one city to another, honing their craft, learning something new, making new friends along the way and hopefully move up to a big market or even network (although Ginger Zee has her position locked up on ABC as well as Al Roker with the Today Show.  That just leaves CBS and I think they use their owned stations for weather).  But you get the point...anymore no one stays in one market for more than 10 or 15 yrs, unless you're James Spann or Gary England. Robyn at least deserves a little bit of a look-see...from what I've seen on FB and Twitter she's getting the intricacies of forecasting in Oklahoma down, including how to pronounce some of our communities.

That's about it for now...finally able to post after rebooting my computer 2 or 3 times just to get my tabs up.  Until next time...