Friday, April 7, 2017

More than One Direction...

If you clicked on the title thinking I'm going to talk about that boy band that dominated the charts a few years back, sorry for misleading you.  Welcome to Keil's Comments: The Written Blog from my cozy little man cave in Casa de Keil Shawnee.

I've had my podcast on hiatus for a while while I was dealing with wedding prep and that Sharon and I are almost a month in on the March to Ever After, I've been thinking about what I want to do.  Yes I want to continue the podcast because on any given week there's so much material to cover and a lot of thoughts swirl in my head.  I definitely want to continue this because a lot of time those aforementioned thoughts may turn into a rant and I would have to catch myself before I break into some "rackin' frackins".

I've also been viewing little clips on YouTube that I think might be interesting to get into as well.  While I may not have a 15 minute dissertation on my thoughts on a comic book or cuss and discuss the stupid news stories of the week, I have come across something that I might find maybe something I could do as well.  Last October I was introduced through Sharon to a guy by the name of Kevin Honeycutt.  His backstory is one that you would have to say "Only God...".  He is a motivational speaker for education and is based out of Hutchinson, KS.  I've put up one of his videos's an interview he did with OETA's Oklahoma Horizon host Rob McClendon.  I highly recommend viewing his YouTube channel.  Some of the videos that he does are fun and some will make you stop and think.

Like I said, so many things I want to do besides this and the's definitely something that I can't take lightly in taking before the Lord in prayer.  And I'm thankful that I now have someone that can stand with me in prayer on this.

That's about it for now...Sharon and I will be going to a weekend marriage conference at church.  Looking forward to what comes out of this.