Monday, January 11, 2016

Thank you David Bowie...

yes I am writing this at 2:25a because my brain won't shut up...and as I am writing this news came down from England that legendary musician David Bowie has passed on due to cancer.

I wanted to title this "Cancer Sucks" -- which it does because it's taken far too many great people over the years like Lemmy from Motorhead, Jim Valvano, Stuart Scott, my Grandma Keil just to name a few.  But for every one that we lose to cancer, we have one who kicks cancer's cousin Kim being one of them.  I just saw an interesting stat as I was getting ready to write this...

According to the American Cancer Society...there are 14.5 Million cancer survivors in the US today. Like I said, for every one that loses their fight to cancer, there's one that says "nope, you're not taking me down...not without a fight!!!".  For every Lemmy, there's a Chuck Pagano.

I'm thankful for organizations like St. Jude's in Memphis, who's leading the fight for the kids; the V Foundation for Cancer Research, constantly looking for ways to cure this awful disease, and all the organizations that help people enjoy life while the fight continues.

Getting back to the title of the post for a minute, thank you David Bowie:

-- for telling us that we can be heroes if not for just one day;
-- for encouraging us to put on our red shoes and dance the Blues
-- for your zaniness and your musical genius

As somebody pointed know there's going to be one memorable reunion performance of "Under Pressure" with Freddie Mercury.

I had several different things that I wanted to write down, but I think this covers the majority of it. Again, thank you David Bowie!!! We'll rock it for you!!!