Friday, July 17, 2015

Open Letter to Chattanooga...

To the citizens of Chattanooga --

Ever since the news first broke of what happened there yesterday, my heart has been breaking for you and praying for you!!!

In 1991 I was introduced to you as I was going through on the way to Cleveland, TN (long story that I'd rather not share at this time).  Since that time, I have loved everything about your city -- the scenery (hence why you're called the Scenic City), the people, the attractions, the radio and TV stations...I loved it so much I came back in 1999-01 and again in 2011.

When news first broke of the tragedy, like the rest of the nation I cried because outside of my home town and state, I have an affinity for Chattanooga.  Why would someone do something that heinous and demonic in a town like Chattanooga?  Thankfully, your officers saw to it that the person responsible made it to his eternal judgement while the ones that gave their life stood at The Pearly Gates and gave the ultimate salute to our Lord.

I will always have a place in my heart for Chattanooga and its people.  God bless Chattanooga!!!

Robert Keil
Clinton, OK