Saturday, July 11, 2015

Having a sad...

This weekend, my youngest niece and nephew (my sister Stephenie's two kids) are here with us...spending some time with MeMe (my mom) and Pop Pop (my dad) and celebrating my brother Jeremy's 31st birthday.

While it is nice having them here and loving on them and having a great time with them, something feels missing.  As much as we love our cousins and their kids, and I'm sure Jeremy feels the same way...I kinda wish I had some littleuns of my own so my niece and nephew can have cousins of their age (7 and 4 almost 5) to play with.

And as much as I was looking forward to getting married and having littleuns of my own in the beginning of adulthood...right now at this stage it would be something of Abrahamic proportions. And before you I wouldn't mind having an "instant family" or once I get better financial footing, fostering/adopting. 

And since this will probably be the first that my family has seen or heard of something like this from me, I realize that everything that has happened (being engaged before, that 7 week shamockery of a marriage, etc.) will probably try to factor in to any future relationships if I let it...but I won't.

Now that this is out of the way...I'll go enjoy the rest of the weekend with my niece and nephew.