Sunday, March 8, 2015

We got a real Jam going now...

I promised I would do a blog post on my great day in Oklahoma City yesterday (Saturday). And here it is...

I got to go with a group of our youth and a couple of other adults.  We left sometime after 8am and arrived in OKC about 9:30a.  Our first stop to kill some time was Penn Square Mall.  They had a Severe Weather Awareness Expo going on (It was supposed to start at 12Noon but some people were there early) and all of the local news stations had their helicopters and everybody out (see my Instagram for the pics I took).  To say I was a kid in the candy store seeing the choppers and getting to meet the people that bring you the news and weather everyday...that would give the candy store too much credit.  I was geeking out!!! But not to the point that some people would get meeting their favorite Internet reviewers though. 

After lunch there at the Penn Square Food was on to Chesapeake Energy Arena or as we like to sometimes call it, "ThunderDome". Since our church got tickets that allowed us to gain early entry, We didn't have to wait as long as most people...only 3 1/2 hours.  What does one do when standing in line for that long?  Well, my "dogs" were barking...they would bark even more as the evening progressed.

They opened the doors for us at 3:30p...and if you've seen the video I posted on my Facebook page, it felt like cattle going into the sale barn.  Somewhere in that video, you did hear me moo.

Now on to the bands that played...they were awesome!!! Everyone played their hearts out.  There were moments of worship, like when NewSong did their classic "Arise My Love" and went into the newer song "Oceans".  To hear 18-19,000 sing "Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders"...words do not do it justice.  A little later, Francesca Battistelli sang another newer worship song "Holy Spirit You are welcome here...".  We had just sang that last Sunday at church so I know how powerful the song is.  Again, add 18-19,000 other brothers and sisters to the mix...Words escape.

I wished my phone had more power than it had, I would have taken a few more pictures...but the pics I did get turned out pretty good.  I think next year I am going to invest in a little portable phone charger.

All in all, it was a wonderful I will definitely do again.  I just hope next year it won't be the night before the time change.