Saturday, June 28, 2014

It's Done...Now What?

As of this posting, it's been two days since the divorce was granted.  Now that I have had a little bit of time to actually think, the question comes up "Now what?"

I wasn't in any real big hurry when we separated to start another relationship...and now that I am officially a "free man" and available again, I'm still in no really big hurry.  Not to say that there aren't any prospects out there...I just want to bide my time a little more. Plus, thanks to the State of Oklahoma, if I want to marry again I have to sit out a 6 month waiting period, or as we say in broadcasting a "non-compete".

I know some people will say "it's sad that you had to go through that experience", but I say it's a relief.  She has been in and out of marriages so many times it's not even funny. One of her daughters even likened it to an addiction.  But I am glad that trial is over, I passed through victorious, no battle scars...

I do thank all of you for your prayers and your support this past month while the process played out.  Even though I was at peace through most of it, I did have some days where I was nervous but as Scripture says "all things work together for good".

That's about it for now...