Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Quasi-drought...

Greetings everyone!!!

Those who run more prominent blogs than this one can probably clue me in on something here...do y'all ever have days where you know what you want to blog about but by the time you get to sit down to post, your mind suddenly goes blank?  I have had those days...kind of the reason why I haven't blogged anything for a while until today.  There are some subjects that I know I want to talk about, but suddenly it gets sent to the furthest back burner you could imagine only for it to go cold.

Not making light of a real situation, but I guess you'd say that that would put me in a kind of a drought...much like we here in Western Oklahoma need rain and need it bad.  There's so much from my 40+ years on this earth that I can talk about...mostly good stuff.

For those who wait with bated breath for me to put up a new entry, thanks for your patience.  I know I haven't been as proficient as some, but thank you for understanding.