Friday, September 20, 2013

Call me "Old Fashioned", but...

I wanted to elaborate on something I wrote on Twitter earlier today.
It said this…
Random thought:  Saddens me that work ethics/values that we were taught as youngsters are now considered “old fashioned”.
Those of you who follow me who are probably over the age of 18 can relate to this.  We were taught that if we wanted something (vehicle, computer, etc.) we had to bust our ass and work for it.  Yeah, the parents and grandparents if you were so blessed to have them around would help you out if you needed it but mostly, they told you to save your money, work hard, (if you were raised in a faith-based home) know how much you give to the Lord in tithes and so on.
Apparently, according to some people we were taught wrong.  Now a days, the thinking is if you pitch enough of a fit and (as I’ve heard it said growing up), “squal, bawl and sling snot from ear to ear” you’ll get what you want. You may not appreciate it, but you’ll get it.
Has anybody else come across this?  Cause I don’t about my brother and sister, but I don’t want to be telling tales out of school on what I’ve been taught all my life.