Thursday, June 30, 2011

Valuing Friendship...

Due to some changes I've done with my e-mail and stuff, I have had to do some changes with this blog with the new name and the new address.  But I'm still going to give comments every once in a while on various topics.

I was thinking about today's as we were doing our Vacation Bible School at church.  Today's lesson was focused on Peter and when he denied Jesus three times.  For the story group part, I played the role of Peter and talked about he thought how hard it was that his best friend -- Jesus -- would tell him, look you're going to have to say "I don't know Him" before the rooster crowed those three times.  

I asked this question to the children who were there --"How would you feel if your best friend had to tell you that you had to deny that I knew you. You would be upset, wouldn't you?"  Now, to a 3 year old, it would be hard to answer that question since their social skills are still developing (meaning hanging out with more than just family).  Once you get a little older, you tend to grasp more of an understanding of it and probably the only way you would lose that friend is if they moved to another town -- and that's the nicer scenario.

Now I admit, I've developed friendships with people over the years (don't worry, it was pre-Facebook) that I wish I shouldn't have at the time and it blew back up in my face.  With any of you who are my friends now, it would be hard to make that statement that I didn't know them when the proverbial chips are down, even if it means going to jail with them (an experience I hope not to relive again anytime ever).

That's about all I can think of to comment on this right now.  May you have an excellent evening and God bless.