Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rob's Recommendation -- Two Hots and a Cot

Two Hots and a Cot

This installment of Rob's Recommendation comes after an amusing conversation that I had.  I had invited a couple of my First Christian Church friends Nancy Jackson and Kathy Brinkley to see and perhaps like Christ Church of Yukon (CCY)'s Facebook page.  Anyway, one of them noticed that one of the Sunday School classes was on the Prison Epistles (Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians) and the series was titled interestingly enough "Three Hots and a Cot". For about a minute Nancy thought we were doing a study on her book.  I don't think our Sunday School teacher knows about her book, but I will make a recommendation to him as I am now to you about Nancy's book.  I have put the link to where you can get it above but in case you can't get to the link...the description is below.

"No one understands addiction," she said. "It is like loving someone who doesn't love you back. You do it until you don't. Or until you die." After Nancy Jackson was arrested for DUI-not one, not twice, but five times- she got behind the wheel of her car, intoxicated, and was arrested. Incarcerated at the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, she spent a year behind bars, living with people she couldn't tolerate and wouldn't have associated with anywhere else. She often wondered what it was that made her give up everything that meant anything to her. And finally she learned the answer: a disease called alcoholism. Two Hots and a Cot is a brutally honest and compelling day-by-day account of her journey on the road to recovery through the Oklahoma justice system. Living through nightmares in the dark and nightmares in the light of day, she learned to survive in the unknown and the unexpected. She learned to deal with despair, anger, and frustration, and turn it to hope. She found wisdom in the words of women who were incarcerated for drugs, alcohol, crimes against humanity and themselves; women who were mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and sisters. She found friendship, faith, and healing in the most unlikely place, behind bars. And she found God.

I personally know Nancy...she is one of the most beautiful women you will ever meet both on the outside and on the inside.  She has such a heart for missions, not just for the families of those who have members who are incarcerated.  The trials and tribulations that she went through have made her into the great woman of God that she is today.  I am proud to recommend this book to you.

That is all I have for now...until next time.